Senator Luke Rankin blasphemies by comparing himself to Jesus Christ!

For several months many news outlets have reported on the assumptions tied in with the recovery of the State owned power provider Satnee-Cooper as they have vanished in smoke. As things had gotten so out of hand the agency which put its ratepayers into $10 billion worth of debt removed it’s plans for reform offline.

Several news outlets have further documented the extent to which Santee Cooper’s defenders, most notably S.C. Senate judiciary chairman Luke Rankin – are using “reform” as a stalling tactic when it comes to blocking the long-overdue privatization.

Luke Rankin is one of the individuals who seems to be doing Santee Coopers bidding. This is mostly due to the fact that it’s Board Members are funding his campaigns and are business partners with him. It can also be said he has a Vendetta against the NextEra Energy Company, based out of Florida that is currently in negotiations to purchase Santee Cooper and pay of its $7 billion debt.

Senator Luke Rankin’s reform bill fails to address the two main tied to it, the fact it has a mountain of debt and the fraud which created it.

FITSNEWS wrote, “

Let us never forget how this government-guaranteed monopoly conspired with its private sector partner SCANA on the botched construction of two, since-abandoned nuclear reactors in Jenkinsville, S.C. In fact, Santee Cooper’s board proposed a huge rate hike on consumers to subsidize these reactors just one week before pulling the plug on them.

Once the project imploded, it was revealed that leaders at both utilities knew the reactors were doomed for years – and didn’t warn the public. But rather than hold those leaders accountable for their dishonesty, Santee Cooper’s board gave its former chief executive officer a $16 million golden parachute. Then it spent millions of dollars on a new management team that has continued in the same dishonest vein as its predecessor – defying lawmakers, negotiating behind their backs and doling out huge raises during a global recession.

To hear Rankin tell it, though, his attempt to enable such behavior moving forward is no ordinary noble endeavor … it is, in fact, comparable to arguably the most noble endeavor in recorded history, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

That’s right. During a rambling, ill-conceived monologue from the well of the Senate on Tuesday afternoon, Rankin compared himself to Jesus Christ – portraying himself as a prophet rallying his “apostles” around the important work of salvation … err, the “reform” of Santee Cooper.

“Looking back on the Easter story – and the beauty of Jesus in (the Gospel of) John where he continues to focus and all the apostles focusing on … the act,” Rankin said.

“The main thing is to make the main thing, the main thing,” Rankin continued. “The story of the death, the crucifixion … the death, the ascension – that’s the main thing.”

“I would suggest to you, in this context, reform is the main thing,” Rankin said. “The ideas of sell(ing) – the ideas of continuing this relationship, this odd relationship I guess, or not, whatever it is with NextEra – the crush they have on us – the unrequited love affair – whatever it is, (that) is not the main thing. It is a distraction.” “

Rankin has declared himself a messiah and the preservation of a state-owned power company his work of salvation.

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