Currently the Republican Party holds the majority control of the South Carolina State Senate with 27 Members and 19 Democratic Members. South Carolina has been a Republican State for many years officially, but several current Republicans such as Sen. Luke Rankin are former Democratic Party members.

It is important to know your candidates history prior to voting and know their stands on the major issues. We as United States Citizens and South Carolinians can not forget our Government is a Government “FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE!” So, know which candidates will actually listen to their constituents and which will not.

Here is a list of the current candidates for the South Carolina Senate. Be Smart and Vote Smart!

South Carolina State Senate general election
Incumbents are marked with an (i) after their name
OfficeDemocratic Party DemocraticRepublican Party RepublicanOther
District 1Thomas Alexander (i)
District 2Rex Rice (i)
District 3Judith Polson Richard Cash (i)
District 4Jose Villa Michael Gambrell (i)
District 5Michael McCord Tom Corbin (i)
District 6Hao Wu Dwight Loftis (i)
District 7Karl Allen (i)Jack Logan 
District 8Ross Turner (i)
District 9Daniel Verdin (i)
District 10Floyd Nicholson (i)Billy Garrett 
District 11Glenn Reese (i)Josh Kimbrell 
District 12Dawn Bingham Scott Talley (i)
District 13Shane Martin (i)
District 14Harvey Peeler (i)Sarah Work  (Alliance Party of South Carolina)
District 15Vickie Holt Wes Climer (i)
District 16Ramin Mammadov Michael Johnson 
District 17Mike Fanning (i)Erin Mosley 
District 18Christopher Thibault Ronnie Cromer (i)
District 19John Scott (i)
District 20Dick Harpootlian (i)Benjamin Dunn 
District 21Darrell Jackson (i)
District 22Mia McLeod (i)Lee Blatt 
District 23Bill Brown Katrina Shealy (i)
District 24Tom Young (i)
District 25Shirley Green Fayson Shane Massey (i)
District 26Nikki Setzler (i)Chris Smith 
District 27Vincent Sheheen (i)Penry Gustafson 
District 28Greg Hembree (i)
District 29Gerald Malloy (i)J.D. Chaplin 
District 30Kent Williams (i)
District 31Hugh Leatherman (i)
District 32Ronnie Sabb (i)David Ellison 
District 33Luke Rankin (i)
District 34Emily Cegledy Stephen Goldfinch Jr. (i)
District 35Thomas McElveen (i)
District 36Kevin Johnson (i)Leon Winn 
District 37Kathryn Whitaker Lawrence Grooms (i)Steve French  (Libertarian Party)
District 38John Lowe Sean Bennett (i)
District 39Vernon Stephens Tom Connor 
District 40Brad Hutto (i)
District 41Sam Skardon Sandy Senn (i)
District 42Marlon Kimpson (i)
District 43Richard Hricik George Campsen (i)
District 44Debbie Bryant Brian Adams 
District 45Margie Bright Matthews (i)Rodney Buncum 
District 46Nathan Campbell Tom Davis (i)

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