As South Carolina is considered one of the most politically corrupt states in the United States, it’s not hard to figure out why. What is hard to figure out is why it continues.

We took a look at some of the political candidates for this years election:

Senator Luke A. Rankin photo

Senator Luke Rankin (R-District 33), who is a Attorney/Legislator and sits on many of the State Committee’s such as Ethics and is the Judiciary Chairman for South Carolina.

Senator Rankin’s long questionable political career has him mixed up in things such as the Santee Cooper Disaster. Sen. Rankin is a former Democrat who switched parties in 2004, but yet his voting record shows him still voting with his fellow Democrats on many issues concerning South Carolina.

Senator Rankin opposed a Bill that would have banned the use of taxpayer money to fund Abortions and voted against a Democratic Filibuster legislation that would have “banned” 97 percent of the nearly 6000 abortions performed in South Carolina each year, back in 2018.

Rankin also continued to vote to raise taxes in South Carolina. He voted to raise the State Sales Tax, and to increase the Horry County Sales tax. And in more recent years voted to increase the Gas Tax and the Cell Phone Tax by nearly $40 Million a year.

On issues of Immigration Sen. Rankin joined Liberals in support of hiring illegal immigrants rather than hard working South Carolinians in 2008. And opposed legislation requiring a photo identification to vote in South Carolina, which again would allow many illegal immigrants to vote in South Carolina elections.

On the issue of Gun Ownership and Carry in South Carolina Sen. Rankin has a history of pulling Pro-Second Amendment legislations. The National Rifle Association has consistently refused to give Sen. Rankin a high rating for his opposition to Gun Laws protected under the U.S. Constitution.

And as the Judiciary Chairman has repeadly voted for Judges he wins in front of as an Attorney, his law practice even shows he has a 99% win rate of cases he takes on. But that is not hard to do when you are the one picking the Judges. This was evident in 2018 at a merit hearing for a Family Court Judge who had many parents come out against her. This Judge under oath and questions from the panel showed her lack of South Carolina Family Law knowledge and admitted to entering a Sealed Court File without permission, but this was ignored by Rankin.

Sen. Rankin also ran what many call a dirty campaign while running against his opponent John Gallman, bringing up allegations stemming from Mr. Gallman’s personal Family Court Case. These allegations were disproven in the case, but allowed Rankin to bring them up without any tangible prove. This showed many South Carolinians that Rankin will play dirty to win.

A complete history of Senator Rankins Voting Record can be found here: Ranking Voting Record

Representative J. Todd Rutherford photo

Representative Todd Rutherford (D-District 74), another Attorney/Legislator who is in close ties with Sen. Rankin, and himself has been questioned on many of his votes. Rep. Rutherford as Sen. Rankin sits on the Ethics Committee for South Carolina. Rep. Rutherford has recently made the media concerning the $75 Million pay out to a private law firm from South Carolina money. He defends this payout without any documentation as to the billable hours the law firm allegedly spent on the case. Lawyers helping Lawyers…, let’s also note that Rep. Rutherford voted for Judge Allison Lee, who presides over this case, back in February of 2019 to be placed on the Court of Appeals.

Rep. Rutherford voted against a bill that would bring stronger penalties for prostitution in South Carolina. This bill was also tied to human trafficking in South Carolina.

Rep. Rutherford also voted for more funding for SC DHEC concerning COVID-19, an agency that has been questioned on many of it’s recommendations during this pandemic.

Rep. Rutherford also voted against the SC Fetal Heartbeat Protection from Abortion Act back in 2019. This bill would have stopped an abortion the moment a heartbeat was detected in a fetus, thereby stopping the murder of an unborn child.

So in short it could be argued that Rep. Rutherford believe is waste more tax payer money, allow human trafficking, and ignore child protections.

His voting record can be found here: Rep. Rutherford Voting Record

Senator Harvey S. Peeler, Jr. photo

Senator Harvey Peeler (R-District 14), a long standing Senate member of 40 years. Sen. Peeler sits on many of the key Committees in the State House as Sen. Luke Rankin, including the Ethics Committee and the Legislative Oversight Committee.

Sen. Peeler in recent months has been seen ignoring other legislators objections during votes concerning many of the major issues in South Carolina. It would seem he takes his role as Senate President more as a power role than a role of the people.

Sen. Peeler voted yes for Valorem Taxes and to prevent rollback tax credits on agricultural properties. Sen. Peeler also switches his votes such as on S0601 a bill that requires background checks for individuals who deal with foster care and adoptions. He voted against it in the beginning and then voted for it when it was obvious the bill would pass.

Sen. Peeler also votes against Constitutional Carry in the State of South Carolina, which these rights are protected under the U.S. Constitution. But this is another example of Sen. Peeler switch hitting his votes on this matter, as he votes for and against these bills. Many South Carolinians have voiced their opinion on this matter and have stated they want to bring Constitutional Carry into South Carolina.

Sen. Peeler is known to vote which ever way the wind blows by some of his colleagues. Sen. Peelers voting Record can be found here: Sen. Peeler voting record

South Carolina has a strong and long proud history, but in recent times its political body has been questioned by not just the people of South Carolina but by the Nation as a whole. These are merely some of the Political pushers and movers that have led to these questions.

We ask, “How many of the elected officials in the South Carolina State House truly listen to constituents and how many ignore doing the right thing?”

One can look up their Senator or House Representative’s voting records here: Senate Members , House Representatives .

This election know the way your Representative has voted on past issues and make the right choice for South Carolina.

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