South Carolina House of Representatives is currently under the majority control by the Republican Party with 78 members. The Democratic Party members only number 48. South Carolina has maintained itself as a Red (Repbulican) State for a number of years.

House Representatives are a South Carolinians first contact usually with dealing with State issues. It’s important to know your candidates and which ones really care about their constituents and which ones will only vote their own way or the party way.

This past year has shown many South Carolinians the true colors of some of the State’s Legislators such as Beth Bernstein (D-District 78 Richland) who held up a Child Rights Bill from being heard, that would have allowed children of divorce equal access to both loving and fit parents, or the number of House Representatives that stood against the Heartbeat Bill. This is to include those who deny South Carolinians their Constitutional Right to Open Carry a firearm.

Know your candidates and know their willingness to uphold the moral fibers of our State and Government. Vote Smart this election!

South Carolina State House general election 2020
Incumbents are marked with an (i) after their name.
OfficeDemocratic Party DemocraticRepublican Party RepublicanOther
District 1Bill Whitmire (i)
District 2Bill Sandifer III (i)
District 3Eunice Lehmacher Jerry Carter 
District 4Davey Hiott (i)
District 5Neal Collins (i)
District 6Brian White (i)
District 7Andrea Bejarano-Robinson Jay West (i)
District 8Jonathon Hill (i)Jackie Todd  (Alliance Party of South Carolina)
District 9Anne Thayer (i)
District 10West Cox (i)
District 11Craig Gagnon (i)
District 12J. Anne Parks (i)James Pearman Robbie Bryant  (Green Party)
District 13Denise Waldrep John McCravy (i)
District 14Stewart Jones (i)
District 15JA Moore (i)Samuel Rivers Jr. 
District 16Mark Willis (i)
District 17Mike Burns (i)
District 18Benjamin Smith Tommy Stringer (i)
District 19Jevarus Howard Patrick Haddon (i)
District 20Stephen Dreyfus Adam Morgan (i)
District 21Bobby Cox (i)
District 22B.K. Brown Jason Elliott (i)
District 23Chandra Dillard (i)
District 24Bruce Bannister (i)
District 25Leola Robinson-Simpson (i)Darath Mackie Tony Boyce  (Independent)
District 26Monica Danneman R. Raye Felder (i)
District 27Garry Smith (i)
District 28Ty Washington Ashley Trantham (i)
District 29Dennis Moss (i)
District 30Steve Moss (i)
District 31Rosalyn Henderson Myers (i)
District 32Max Hyde (i)
District 33Travis Moore Thomas Riddle  (Constitution Party)
District 34Roger Nutt Withdrew, disqualified, or did not make ballot:
Kirsty Schenkel  (Constitution Party)
District 35Helen Pendarvis Bill Chumley (i)
District 36Merita Ann Allison (i)
District 37Steven Long (i)
District 38Josiah Magnuson (i)
District 39Cal Forrest (i)
District 40Richard Martin (i)
District 41Annie McDaniel (i)Jennifer Brecheisen 
District 42Doug Gilliam (i)
District 43Reid Carrico Randy Ligon (i)
District 44Mandy Powers Norrell (i)Sandy McGarry 
District 45Keith Grey Brandon Newton (i)
District 46Gary Simrill (i)
District 47Ryan Arioli Tommy Pope (i)
District 48Kathryn Roberts Bruce M. Bryant (i)
District 49John King (i)Johnny Walker Johnny Walker  (Republican Party, Alliance Party of South Carolina)
District 50Will Wheeler (i)
District 51J. David Weeks (i)
District 52Laurie Funderburk (i)Vic Dabney 
District 53Richie Yow (i)
District 54Patricia Henegan (i)Sterling McDiarmid 
District 55Jackie Hayes (i)
District 56Bruce Fischer Tim McGinnis (i)
District 57Lucas Atkinson (i)
District 58Jeff Johnson (i)
District 59Terry Alexander (i)
District 60Teresa Cain Phillip Lowe (i)
District 61Roger Kirby (i)
District 62Robert Williams (i)
District 63Isaac Wilson Jay Jordan (i)
District 64Kimberly Johnson Cindy Risher 
District 65James Lucas (i)
District 66Gilda Cobb-Hunter (i)Jeffrey Cila 
District 67George Smith Jr. (i)
District 68Heather Ammons Crawford (i)Mike Childs  (Alliance Party of South Carolina)
Withdrew, disqualified, or did not make ballot:
Larry Guy Hammond  (Libertarian Party)
District 69Chris Wooten (i)
District 70Wendy Brawley (i)
District 71Terry Seawright Nathan Ballentine (i)Lawrence Lee  (Libertarian Party)
District 72Seth Rose (i)
District 73Christopher Hart (i)Myron Samuels 
District 74James Rutherford (i)Vimalkumar Jariwala 
District 75Rhodes Bailey Kirkman Finlay III (i)
District 76Leon Howard (i)
District 77Kambrell Garvin (i)Justin Bishop  (Libertarian Party)
District 78Beth Bernstein (i)Viresh Sinha 
District 79Ivory Thigpen (i)Victor Kocher  (Libertarian Party)
District 80Jermaine Johnson Vincent Wilson 
District 81Bart Blackwell (i)
District 82William Clyburn Sr. (i)
District 83Evelyn Robinson Bill Hixon (i)
District 84Melissa Oremus (i)
District 85Chip Huggins (i)
District 86Bill Taylor (i)
District 87Paula Rawl Calhoon (i)
District 88RJ May 
District 89Micah Caskey (i)
District 90Justin Bamberg (i)Glenn Posey 
District 91Lonnie Hosey (i)
District 92Joseph Daning (i)
District 93Russell L. Ott (i)Brian Merrill  (Independent) (Write-in)
District 94Patricia Cannon Gil Gatch 
District 95Jerry Govan Jr. (i)Willie Legette  (Labor Party)
District 96D. Ryan McCabe 
District 97Ronee De Canio Mandy Kimmons (i)
District 98Chris Murphy (i)
District 99Jen Gibson Mark Smith 
District 100Sylleste Davis (i)
District 101Cezar McKnight (i)
District 102Joseph Jefferson Jr. (i)
District 103Carl Anderson (i)
District 104William Bailey (i)
District 105Kevin J. Hardee (i)
District 106Russell Fry (i)
District 107Withdrew, disqualified, or did not make ballot:
Alan Clemmons (i)
District 108Lee Hewitt (i)
District 109Deon Tedder Rodney Travis  (Libertarian Party)
District 110Rebecca Niess Cingolani William S. Cogswell Jr. (i)
District 111Wendell Gilliard (i)Ted Vining 
District 112Daniel Brownstein Joe Bustos 
District 113Marvin Pendarvis (i)
District 114Ed Sutton Lin Bennett (i)Brad Jayne  (Alliance Party of South Carolina)
District 115Spencer Wetmore (i)Josh Stokes 
District 116Chardale Murray Carroll O’Neal 
District 117Krystle Matthews (i)Jordan Scott Pace 
District 118Mitchell Siegel Bill Herbkersman (i)
District 119Leonidas Stavrinakis (i)Alex Thornton  (Libertarian Party)
District 120Weston Newton (i)
District 121Michael Rivers (i)Eric Erickson 
District 122Shedron Williams (i)Ashley Lawton 
District 123Christine deVries Jeff Bradley (i)
District 124Barb Nash Shannon Erickson (i)

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