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In the past several years the raise in child pornography in South Carolina has been on a steady rise. Several of these cases are being handled by the South Carolina Attorney Generals Office in an effort to keep these individuals off the streets. But with todays societal views leaning more to this being a mental illness instead of a crime the job becomes harder.

In 2012, a Camden, South Carolina man Robert Brian Sharp assaulted an 8-year-old girl and was released only a few years later. When he was then picked up by the Florence Police Department in 2017 and charged with two counts of attempted kidnapping and disseminating obscene material to a minor 12 years of age or younger.

Another man from the Upstate Christopher Webb was charged with one count of Criminal Sexual Conduct with a minor under 11 years of age, and two counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct with a minor 14-16 years of age back in June of 2022. According to the arrest warrant for Webb all alleged crimes took place between 2008 and 2014. Webb was released on bond.

Both of these individuals have prior extensive criminal records ranging from Domestic Violence to Drug dealings.

These individuals as many others like them are given a sentence of approximately 7 to 10 years but were released after only serving 3 years and then placed on probation. Only to have violated their probation and commit these crimes again.

This, while other criminals with less heinous crimes serve longer sentences and are not given the opportunity of probation. Many Law Enforcement Agencies in South Carolina and in the Nation have begun begging Judges to keep these individuals behind bars, and not apply a Catch and Release mentality.

Our children are this country’s greatest treasure and yet many are at risk from these predators. Many parents have asked what about our children’s right to justice? And what of our children’s right to feel safe to have a childhood? The victims of these predators do not get a short-term sentence to overcome what was taken from them. Their sentence is for the rest of their lives.

A very real question asked by many is why are these predators given such lenient sentences by Judges?

Once out, these predators are allowed to continue their life and many begin finding employment that allows them into homes and around more children. As the rise of Child Pornography and Pedophilia skyrockets in South Carolina many feel so should the sentences for these predators.

The South Carolina Sex Offender Resgistry can be found here. On this site you may look up any sex offenders including child predators that may be living and working in your area. There are as well many apps for downloads on to phones that an individual may access for free.

It is also noteworthy that many of these predators seek women with children. Many target vulnerable women of domestic abuse who are readily manipulated with sweet words and pleas of their innocents.

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