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FBI Raids Premier Medical Laboratory Services Used By South Carolina DSS

Yesterday, the FBI and several other agencies including the Department of Human Health and Services, raided Premier Medical Laboratory Services and Diversified Medical Healthcare located at 6000 Pelham Road in Greenville, South Carolina.

This facility is used by South Carolina DSS for all it’s drug testing involving Family Court cases. This facility has been accused by numerous parents for producing and entering false drug test results in order to have their children taken from the parents. These children then are sold into the States Adoption and Foster Programs, this scheme has developed the name “CASH FOR KIDS”.

In an earlier story published by The Daily Counter News, we reported that most of these tests were sent to a company called I3Logic in Denver, Colorado and were signed by a Dr. David Nahin as the MRO (Medical Review Officer) for the company. Approximately 2 weeks after our story was released on Dr. Nahin, he suddenly passed away.

Many parents in South Carolina have begun to speak out on the handling of their cases involving DSS and their children being harmed by this organization. Currently DSS faces a large shortage of qualified staffing and funding in many locations. Case workers are being allegedly rotated as Supervisors for other cases without having any full knowledge of these individual cases.

As this story is an ongoing investigation and developing story stay tuned for further reports.


  1. I am unbelievably ecstatic right now!!! Finally !!! After over a year of not having my children, this company and this man has FINALLY been exposed for the corrupt practices they have committed against not just me and my family but lots of other families in SC!!!! I’m wondering how I can find out if there is a class action lawsuit??

    1. My family is also one victimized by Nahin, dss and the fraudulent drug testing/labs. I think we need a way for parents an families to connect then find a willing attorney to speak out which seems to be none around here

    2. My 5 yr old son tested positive supposedly at death levels for meth and amphetamines. He was never retested as I asked several times nor taken to hospital. Who can I get help me? I need my son back and they need held accountable

  2. Has anyone seen a dead certificate? It was reported that his family postponed funeral services for him and would have one later in the summer. Is the govt behind taking children from innocent families for profit? Sure looks like it!

  3. Help me please I had the same document and same document. I lost all 4 of my children

  4. I’m on probation cause of this man and his wrongfully doing how can i go about getting off of it how can I go about getting more proof of this info about him

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