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The Invisible Dr. David Nahin, And Court Ordered Drug Tests In South Carolina

In February, the Daily Counter News was contacted concerning a Doctor who has been signing off on drug tests ordered within the Family Courts in South Carolina and who may not be authorized to do so.

The Doctor in question is David Nahin, who received his medical degree in the State of Wisconsin in 1977.  Nahin, after having certain legal issues arise voluntarily surrendered his medical license to the State of Wisconsin in 1993.  And in 1994 was permitted to receive a “limited” license.  Under this limited license, he was prohibited from having any patient contact.   Also, a letter dated September 27th, 1994, from the State of Wisconsin, Department of Regulations and Licensing, informed DEA that, “while Dr. Nahin is not prohibited from holding a DEA registration, use of the registration in prescribing medications would constitute a violation of his limited license.”

The DEA revoked David Nahin’s Certificate of Registration on August 29th, 1996.

We began asking certain questions: 

The very first one was how can a Doctor from Colorado sign off on Drug Tests given here in South Carolina?  This answer will certainly surprise our readers…  Dr. David Nahin, is listed as a Medical Review Officer for a company called I3Logic based in Denver, Colorado.  An MRO is simply someone who reviews the test results on paper and signs off on them as being valid per test procedures.  Testing facilities if they so chose or are requested to can send their results to any MRO of their choosing.  Now, this only usually occurs if results are positive for any substance such as Marijana or other narcotics.  

MROs are given 72 hours to contact the donor to see if there is any medication that could have given a positive result.  If no contact has been made within this 72-hour window then the MRO can not inform the drug test requester that the results are positive, they may state “non-negative”.  And that further testing may be required to confirm the results.

MROs are defined as  “a licensed physician (MD or DO) who has knowledge of substance abuse disorders and has the appropriate medical training to interpret and evaluate an individual’s positive test result together with his or her medical history and any other relevant biomedical information.”

Nahin is listed as an MRO, I3Logix, Inc., which according to Dun & Bradstreet business directory is part of the  Printing and Related Support Activities Industry.  The majority of the Drug Tests with David Nahin’s signatures come from ARCpoint Labs in Columbia, South Carolina.

When we contacted ARCpoint Labs we were informed they were aware of David Nahin, that he was the MRO for I3Logix and that he was the in-house MRO for a company called Applya out of Greenville.  When asked if anyone at ARCpoint Labs ever spoke with Nahin or even emailed him they responded, “No”.  All Their communications with I3Logix were with Tina Rush.  They informed us that ARCpoint Labs was merely a collection site and did not do any of the testing themselves.

Nahin’s Return of Medical License

Upon further contacting the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services we were informed that Dr. Nahin received his full medical license back in 2015 after a lengthy appeal and modification of his limited license beginning in 1994.  It would seem that Dr. Nahin would apply each year for a modification of his limited license removing one stipulation at a time.  

But the real question here is how could a doctor out of Wisconsin with a “limited license” hold an MRO position with a company out of Colorado for drug tests given in South Carolina?  Let’s not forget that Nahin was only allowed the status of Doctor by his limited license.  

The Daily Counter News has not been the only news outlet that has attempted to contact Nahin to get to the bottom of this issue.  After contacting I3Logic and asking for a phone number or email for Nahin, we were told they had none to give us.  We were directed to Tina Rush who called us back and informed us that Nahin had suddenly taken a medical leave from his position.  We must remember that at no point did Nahin hold any other medical license from any other state since he gave up his Wisconsin Medical License.

From 1993 to 2015 Nahin held only his limited license out of Wisconsin, while practicing as an MRO for I3Logic in Colorado.  It also is apparent that as an MRO he never once contacted any of the donors on whose drug tests he signed off on as the MRO.   To date, no one who has ever dealt with I3Logic has ever spoken with Nahin whether by phone or email.

Other MROs that we have contacted for information on this profession stated that this could easily fall within the medical malpractice arena as none of the guidelines seem to have been followed and the questionable fact of Nahin not having a medical license at those times.

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  1. And today I3screen sent a notice that David Nahin passed away unexpectedly…

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