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Correction Of Information In Article Pertaining to Judge Gwendlyne Young Jones

In the article released by this publication on February 3rd, 2022 (state-house-joint-session-ignores-state-law-and-places-judges-on-bench) we stated that Family Court Judge Gwendlyne Young Jones did not meet the qualifications to hold a seat in the 5th Judicial District.  This information was based on the fact that Judge Jones stated in her testimony to the Judicial Merit Selection Commission that she resides in the town of Irmo.

The physical property address of her residence technically is within the Richland County borders, while still being in the town of Irmo.  There is a very small section of the town of Irmo that crosses into Richland County.  Judge Jones acquired her current residency on 11/06/2020 for $549,000.

We at the Daily Counter News apologize to our readers for not double-checking this portion of the article prior to publication.  We would also like to apologize to those legislators who shared the article to show the shortcomings in South Carolina’s judicial selection process.

We would also like to state that this one small fact does not remove the points of the article as many judges are still placed on the bench who do not meet state qualification guidelines or rules.


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