Every April 25th is a day most people don’t even know about unless you have been and are fighting for your children in a Court that can ignore the law and constitutional protections under the law.

Millions of Parents are the victims of what begins in a Legal Industry for profit known commonly as Family Courts. This is the place where your God given right to be a parent can and will be taken away. Where your children will begin to hear that you are an uncaring or unwilling participant in their life. This tale will be told by Lawyers and an angry ex-spouse or significant other, and will be affirmed to the children by an unqualified Judge.

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Most people have never heard of the term “Alienated Parent“, and even sadder most believe it could never happen to them. But sadly thousands of children in the U.S. , including South Carolina suffer the loss of a parent under these terms. The targeted parents are then forced to jump through hoops of legal red tape to stay in their child’s life, with hopes of their child knowing how much that parent loves them.

In many recent years Grassroots Movements to combat this evil practice have emerged throughout the world. These groups have grown larger each year and push for Judicial Reform in Family Courts. Most groups do this by pushing Shared Parenting, or commonly known as 50/50 Custody.

Children who deal with the mental cruelty of “Parental Alienation” all commonly suffer from such issues as: Separation Anxiety, Anger Issues, Feelings of Loneliness, and sadly some even begin to think of Suicide.

Here in South Carolina the legal system does not recognize the act of Parental Alienation as “Mental Cruelty” towards a child or child abuse. Instead it generally rewards the parent who practices parental alienation with more money and more restrictions for the alienated parent from seeing their child.

Many of the targeted parents have stated they never believed it could happen to them.

Currently there are 2 Shared Parenting Bills in the South Carolina House of Representatives, H3168 and H3569. Both of these Bills are to put Shared Parenting in the Family Courts Industry here in South Carolina to truly give children a chance at a normal childhood. Rep. Stewart Jones and Rep. Cezar McKnight who are the primary sponsors of these bills have both spoken out in interviews for the support of their bills.

Over 20 other States in the America have passed these shared parent bills in order to ensure children do not have to deal with the loss or alienation of a loving, caring parent.

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