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The South Carolina House of Representatives passed Rep. Bobby Cox’s H3096, for Constitutional Carry/Open Carry for South Carolina Citizens.

Constitutional Carry/Open Carry bills have been filed at the State House for many years, several having been filed by Rep. Jonathon Hill.

H3096, gives South Carolinian’s their already given 2nd Amendment Right to openly carry a firearm without having a permit to do so. The issue of Constitutional Carry has been a heated one for South Carolina. But the voices of the citizens of South Carolina won out this time!

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69 Representatives voted to pass H3096 for South Carolina. Now it passes to the Senate for their vote.

Representative Bart T. Blackwell photo
Rep. Bart T. Blackwell (R)

Rep. Bart Blackwell attempted to halt the bill by motioning to postpone the bill until next year. As in past years several South Carolina Republicans have blocked bills that would protect South Carolinian’s 2nd Amendment Rights. But Rep. Blackwell’s efforts failed.

As a whole the Republican Party nationally has always been Pro 2nd Amendment, which has not been the case here in South Carolina. Some blame this fact on the issue of too many former Democrats now being Republicans, but still voting Democrat on major issues.

On his Facebook Page Rep. Bobby Cox posted this:

Could this be a change for South Carolina concerning other major issues facing the State, such as Shared Parenting and Abortion issues?

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