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S.C. House Representative Jonathan Hill attempted to file several amendments to the Heartbeat Bill, which would have made it a true anti-abortion bill, but was restricted from doing so by the Republican leadership who invoked a procedural rule to limit amendments.

Representative Jonathan Hill, R-Anderson

Yesterday, Rep. Hill in frustration to the restriction placed by the Republican leadership threw his papers in the air and walked to the back of the room.

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Speaker Jay Lucas, R-Darlington

Following this Speaker Jay Lucas (R-Darlington) took the opportunity to single out Rep. Hill, in an open ended speech. “This body is designed to instill the collective will of the entire membership. This body … is not designed to speak to the stance of a single member. While a few individuals decide to elevate their own wishes … that behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” Lucas said.

Perhaps, Rep. Lucas failed to remember in frustration that the body is designed to instill the collective will of the people of South Carolina, and not designed to speak to the stance of a few politicians.

Rep. Lucas said if lawmakers want to “engage in such childish behavior” the House security — the Sergeant at Arms staff — will “make sure you’re not here with us.” Which can be taken as a threat to anyone who does not conform to the statues quo of the House Leadership.

House Representative Jonathan Hill, is seen by many South Carolina Citizens as one of their only true hopes in changing South Carolina for the better. He received dozens of phone calls, and emails and even meets with constituents outside his district, by citizens who feel their own representatives have failed them.

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