For the thousands and thousands of parents touched by family courts in America and around the world, whos children have been taken from them for no reason and have chosen to fight for their God Given Right to be a Parent to their children now live as echos of their former selfs.

Why are they echos, you ask? The answer is simple in form… Because the parent who existed prior to family court no longer exists. Family Courts in America and around the world have developed a practice of destroying that once loving and caring parent, into a shell of nothingness.

Their live and their very soul are destroyed little by little by being dragged through a circus that has taken the name of “Family Court”! A Parent is forced to watch as their children are used for profit and power by Attorneys and Judges, who act the parts of saviors and saints.

It goes without saying that a parent losing a child is one of the hardest things for any parent. But to lose a living child for no valid reason is sometimes harder. It breaks a persons soul in a way that very few understand. For most the battle is long and costly and at the end they have become mere echos of their former self’s. Very few win these battles without having become an echo.

But they are not the only ones…

The children are made to be echos by having their voices silenced by these same saviors and saints. They use Guardian ad Litems to take these children’s voices and input words such as “Best Interest” or “fear”. In reality all children simply who are touched by this broken system want to speak out and have their wishes heard. To have their pain understood of losing that loving parent…

Dr. Mark Roseman, who runs the Toby Center in Florida states, “that a child takes this with them and passes it on for 6 generations“. There by is created an “Echo Effect”.

Thousands of children who have lived through this broken circus of a system have spoken out against it’s practices and have stated their lives have been destroyed by Family Courts. Their souls have lost a part of itself!

In today’s society we see now the effects of this Echo. All one has to do is look around and see how many echo children have turned to crime or drugs to fill that space left by Family Courts. We now live in a society were being a parent to ones child is controlled by those who profit from it.

United these Echo parents and Echo children have begun to bond together to expose the damage these courts are doing to future generations and are trying to stop the continuance of Echos.

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