Government De-Americanizing America

On this past 4th of July we had to think back at what 4th of July actually meant, it meant the independence of thirteen colonies from the British tyrannical government.

Now we are realizing that our own government has began to desensitize Americans against its own country and people.

This did not start with COVID-19 this started a long time ago when the government began justifying their shortcomings to infringe its ideas on the American citizens. We were once a Country that proudly stated, “We the People, for the People,”.

America was praised as the land of the free and home of the brave; but at what point did we stop being home of the free and land of the brave.

Over the past few decades we have seen our rights be stripped away slowly with justifications of pandemics or terrorists, there has been created a Fear Factor by mainstream media who use to be independent and non biased but now are the tools of government that strikes fear in the hearts of its own people.

When COVID-19 began no one expected the longevity of the guidelines we now have to live under, people are forced to wear masks to protect each other, from each other. We are told to do social distancing to keep us apart.

Not so long ago we prided ourselves as a people who United under difficulty! 9/11 is a day that will remain in modern histories memory as the time when the people of the United States bonded together no matter your race, your religion, or your creed, you helped your neighbor.

Where have these times gone.

We are now told to be wary of people who are different from you base it on color, base it on a religion, base it on a difference of opinion politically, base it on a different region of the country within in the United States. Has America been De-Americanized by its own government?

At any point in time on social media today you can find people stating that they’re willing to give up their own rights of freedom of not wearing a mask to protect the multitudes of people. What gets me about these statements is that people state they’re willing to give up their rights.

If these individuals are willing to give up their rights of choosing to wear masks or not wear masks, what other rights are they willing to give up? Their freedom of religion, their freedom of speaking out; are they willing to give up their freedom to live as they see fit? At what point do we stop giving up our freedom.

At what point to we return to a Government governed by the People?

Our Countries Schools are erasing history from textbooks. Our National Monuments are being eradicated. Where are the brave men of history such as Sitting Bull, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy where are these sorts of men today?

The US Constitution was always considered a living document that was founded by a group of men and women who believed in an ideology that we have now been stripped of! What would George Washington say if he saw our society today and how the Constitution that men and women died for was now simply considered a piece of paper.

What would Dr. King say about the racial struggles and behaviors of all?

What would our historical heroes say to our society today?

We no longer live in a world where equality is sought. We live in a world were a few determine the equality of all.

Children are stripped from their parents by family courts under allegations. The elderly are forced into homes because they are considered too weak and meek to care for themselves. Aid thy neighbor no longer exists in our country. It is true that there are still a few among our society who truly do believe in the betterment of man, but these few are kept in the shadows of media.

At one point in time we considered our military force one of the greatest in the world, we were considered the world’s police we defended against Injustice we defended the weak and now we defend Injustice against our own citizens.

Not so long ago during World War II the Nazi Government instructed it’s citizens to report on their neighbors for anti-social ideas. Now during COVID-19 we have government asking you to report on your neighbors for simply not wearing a mask. How soon before you are asked to report on your neighbors for other matters.

Was our Government perfect? By no means would anyone say it was, but it was a system that the people could believe in. For it was a Government by the people. There was a time when racial equality was sought by all. There was a time when those who had plenty gave to those who didn’t. Have we forgotten our own basic struggles in history?

It is said that if you do not pay attention to your history, the errors of the past will come again…

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