The Daily Counter News was contacted by Brian Leslie, who now works for Vinx Pest Control on St. Andrew’s in Columbia South Carolina, after we released our first part in our series on Silent Abusers (Covert Abusers- Psychology name for such individuals). Not surprising as most media outlets are contacted by the perspective individuals who are shined a light on in such stories.

We at the Daily Counter News take such contacts in stride as part of the business. And we are not apposed to hearing from these individuals. But as with many such stories no denial of the facts of the story ever was stated by Leslie.

At the Daily Counter News we pride ourselves on our validating every piece of information we are given, and we take great care to document all contacts for future needs.

Once we began looking into Leslie we were repeatedly put in contact with other individuals who added facts to the story. It was surprising to us here at the Daily Counter News, how many people contacted us concerning Brian Leslie after the story’s release.

In our following articles in this series we will be presenting Psychological Profiles on such abusers by Dr. Sharie Stines, LPCC. Dr. Stines has had many years of research and private practice on the subject matters involved in such cases as the Brian Leslie story.

We will also be speaking with Shakiyah Demelien, LPCA, NCC on the inner psychological make-up of the victims of such abusers and the damage that is left by these covert abusers. As well as attorneys on how these abusers are able to stay under the legal radar. And a State Legislator who we will be talking about the laws that need to change in order to end Shadow Abuse.

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