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As airlines grew to be the normal choice of transportation for cross country travel, prices and charges have evolved into a separate business.

Airlines now charge absorbent amounts for luggage fees that go over their allowed weight limits. For example an airline with a weight limit of 40 pounds for one checked bag charges $100 for simply being 18 pounds over their weight limit. But charges $51 for adding a second checked bag. Now these prices are simply one way of course so you would be charged a total of $200 for a round trip overweight bag, while only being charged $102 for 2 bags.

Airlines draw you in with the promise of low fairs, but then as you start to book your flight a growing list of fees start to mount up, seat charges, luggage fees, even carry on bag fees begin to raise the low fair to high cost. Many airlines have even begun to cut cost by removing such basic features as a steady beverage service and replaced it with boxed snacks or meals. Now, some of these ideas came due to previous Covid-19 guidelines and have simply remained in place due to the airlines recognizing cost cut and kept these guidelines as their own.

The promise of low fairs seems at the end of the day a marketing ploy to end with high cost flights. A suggestion by a travel expert is shop around months before your trip and not to use any travel agency as you will be paying their fees on top of the cost of the flights.

Sights such as Expedia and Kayak are great places to get an estimate on your flights, and it does not hurt to call the airline themselves and ask for any discounts available. Also, it’s not a bad idea to check out airlines that you have never heard of. Many start up airlines will keep their costs low to attract passengers to build their reputation.

As summer vacations have started and many of us will be traveling, getting the best deal for our travel bucks is important not only to allow us to do more on our trips, but safes our wallets from hurting.

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