Attempted Murder Arrest In Richland County

Sheriff Leon Lott announces the arrest of a man for dousing a woman in gasoline and lighting her on fire.
Keitrick Stevenson (DOB: 4/26/1980) was arrested without incident at a home in Blythewood yesterday morning, April 5, by the Midlands Gang Fugitive Task Force and RCSD Special Response Team.
Stevenson is charged with attempted murder for the incident that happened on the evening of March 21.
The victim was with a group of people outside a home in the 1000 block of Prescott Road when Stevenson approached them with a plastic pitcher full of gasoline. He singled out the victim and threw the gasoline on her. As the victim ran away, Stevenson threw several matches at her, finally catching her on fire when she fell down.
The victim was rushed to a local hospital, then to a burn center where she remains.
The plastic pitcher used in the crime helped lead investigators to Stevenson. They were able to determine that he purchased it at a nearby Family Dollar store that same day, along with matches.
Sheriff Lott called Stevenson an extremely violent repeat offender. “This isn’t our first run-in with Mr. Stevenson. We arrested him for stabbing a man to death in 2006. He did time for that and got out only to try and kill someone else,” Lott said. “This man has a total disregard for human life.”
Stevenson is being held in the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center.

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