As many know Kershaw County is considered a county unto itself. It’s where the good Ole Boys system lives on.

A father who began speaking out 8 years ago about the actions in family court and the injustices him and his sons experience seems to have made a hit list in Kershaw County.

The father has endured in total over a year of incarceration for different things relating to his family court case, even while his case was under appeal at the state appeals court.

In 2019, 6 alleged search warrants were used to search the homes of friends for his whereabouts. We use the word alleged due that none of the required copies of these warrants were ever left with the individuals. One person who’s home was searched stated that the search warrant seemed to have been “whited out” in several locations.

Most of this fathers friends and relatives feel this was an intimidation tactic used by the lawyers and judges he had spoken out against.

What amazes in this story is that not even individuals who are sought for major crimes such as murder or drug trafficking receive such attention as this father who simply has chosen to speak out about his family court case.

In September, 2021this father was arrested on a warrant due to him never having been served paperwork to appear in the Kershaw County Family Court in September of 2020. The warrant even stated that he was not served. When brought before the family Court judge he stated he had no idea of the warrant or the summons and even attempted to show the judge the statement on the warrant. The Family Court Judge sentenced him to a $1500 fine or 90 days, even though he was never “served” with any paperwork notifying him of a court hearing.

Like many other parents who face the wrath of Kershaw County Family Courts, this father was left unable to seek steady employment, making it impossible for him to pay any fines or child support that the court pushed on him. The moment he finds a job it would appear either he would get incarcerated or someone would contact his employer and make allegations against him.

House Representative Jonathan Hill (R-Anderson) who heard of this fathers incarceration in October and another friend of the father began attempting to inquire why this father was “locked up”. They were met with ice cold stares and simply informed it was due to a family court matter. No specifics were ever told and finding out what was needed for this fathers release was met with the same ice cold answer.

As many people are unaware of the almighty power a Family Court Judge wields it is not surprising that this is not such a unique story. What makes this unique is that this father despite all the retaliation he receives from Kershaw County does not stop in his fight to show the lack of justice some parents receive and how local law enforcement are used as modern Gestapo to intimidate and scare parents into submission.

I believe it is also an important fact to state that this father has had no contact with his 2 sons for nearly 3 years, due to the mothers parental interference and her lawyers legal interference. This father has become a known voice for Children’s Rights and Shared Parenting in the state.

The father made this statement, “Children deserve the love of both loving and fit parents, no matter what the parents feel for each other. If one parent is denying their child that then that is abuse! The Family Court Industry for the most part pushes and aids in these horrific actions. Things need to change for our children! They are not property to be divided.”

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