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Medical Marijuana Bill Passes South Carolina Senate Vote

The Medical Marijuana Bill S0150 passed a late-night vote Wednesday evening with 28 Yays and 15 Nays.

53 Amendments were heard on this bill on 02/09/2022.  Some of these amendments pertained to the licensing for the distribution of Medical Marijuana.  Amendments were also added limiting the persons who could legally be allowed the use of medical marijuana for their conditions.

Senator Tom Davis photo
Senator Tom Davis (R-Beaufort)

Senator Tom Davis (R-Beaufort) praised the passing of the bill, as he has pushed this issue for the past 7 years.  Sen. Davis altered the bill in order to satisfy some of the other senators’ concerns and that of Law Enforcement.

Sen. Davis sits on the committee for Medical Affairs concerning South Carolina and has been pushing the legalization of medical marijuana, to help individuals who may receive relief from their symptoms by its use.

After the nearly 9 hour debate on Bill S0150, a vote was called for (the following are the recorded votes by the individual senators)




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