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Are South Carolina Family Court Judges Retaliating Against Parents Who Speak Out

One of the most secretive court systems in South Carolina and in America today is the Family Courts. Parents who are brought to this court are told not to discuss any going on’s or aspects of proceedings under threat.

Many of the parents who have openly spoken out about the Family Court system have been repeatedly incarcerated and some have even lost custody or visitation of their children for no reason except having spoken out against the Family Court system and its Judges and Lawyers.

For those parents who have experienced the horror of Family Court the first thing they realize is that the Judges and Lawyers who practice in this system control every aspect of your life and the lives of your children.

One of the major Constitutional protections we have as citizens is to criticize our government and our judicial officials. But in the Family Court Industry, this protection does not exist. Parents across this state and the U.S. have paid a heavy price for speaking out against the unjust practices that take place in many of these secret courtrooms. In these courtrooms, the Judges have absolute power.

Here are some cases that show just how Judges retaliate:

In a case involving Matt Younginer, a family court judge, Monet Pincus, sent his two young children to the state of Montana to undergo a questionable treatment called “Parental Re-unification Treatment”. Mr. Younginer had custody of his children, but because Mr. Younginer began speaking out about the going on in her courtroom this Judge chose to use her powers to punish Mr. Younginer by removing his children and forcing him to seek an appeal to regain custody which he won.  Overturning the ruling of Judge Pincus.

In another case, this same judge ignored the fact that a stay at home father, who had been accused of physical abuse was found not guilty by a General Sessions Court and still granted the divorce under the same allegations and gave custody of the two young children (who repeatedly stated they wanted to stay with their father) to the mother. Once the father began speaking out against this judge and the family court industry, his visitation was taken away. The father was repeatedly incarcerated and then held in contempt for not being able to pay child support, after the fact that this Judge left him destitute.  He was ordered to pay even though his wife earned $170,000 a year and he had been the primary caretaker of the children. He was left destitute and without any means of support. His oldest son was diagnosed with separation anxiety, due to no contact with his father.

In many cases where parents speak out of the injustice, these Judges use what they call “Judicial Discretion” to justify their actions against these same parents for criticizing them.  This means they can order what they wish no matter the law and can not be held accountable.  

It is common knowledge that if one speaks out against the family court industry or its actors then one will face a heavy price.

The loss of your children.

Several individuals who have endured the retaliation have taken up the fight to prevent any more children from losing a loved parent. These parents have begun a push on legislators to change the family courts here in South Carolina and in the U.S..

Several parents have begun demanding Shared Parenting or Equal Custody to protect their children’s rights to both parents.  While others seek to remove the almighty power these Judges wield by demanding Jury Trials in Family Courts. Many parents and adult children state it is time to change this horrific system of law and to put families first.  In many of the family courtrooms, there are no cameras placed that could show the actions of these questionable rulings.

Throughout the State of South Carolina, many parents have felt the hand of retaliation from Family Court Judges simply for speaking out or demanding change in the system.  What makes this worse are the children in these cases are used as pawns and leverage, causing sometimes severe issues for these children as they grow older.  Children in the Family Court Industry have no rights under the law and are merely considered property of the parents.  

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  1. This article hits close to home with me. My experience in family court was one of the worst in my life. The most obviously unfair system I’ve ever been exposed to.

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