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Criminal Traffic Violators Who Get Away With It In South Carolina

South Carolina ranks among one of the highest traffic violators states in America, but yet many of these violators seem to get away with it and are set free to continue their crimes at the cost of South Carolina Tax Payers.

One such case is in Richland County, where a criminal traffic violator named Jamie Domingo Russell (also know as Jamie Russell of Elgin, SC) who has 10 pending charges against her. Three from 2019 ( Operating vehicle on highway without registration and license due to delinquency, Driving under suspension, license not suspended for DUI – 2nd offense, Giving false information to law enforcement, fire dept. or rescue dept. (which is a criminal charge)) and 7 from 2021 (Driving under suspension, license not suspended for DUI – 2nd offense, Uninsured motor vehicle fee violation, 1st offense, Operating or permitting operation of vehicle which is not registered and licensed., Fraudulent alteration of registration, licensing doc. other than registration card or license plate, Failure to maintain proof of insurance in motor vehicle, ).

One would imagine that an individual who seems to ignore the law and cost the tax payers of South Carolina thousands in money would receive some sort of punishment? But it would seem that the legal system allows such individuals to continue their habitual actions of ignoring the laws. This publication is aware that Ms. Russell is still driving illegally with invalid plates on her vehicle. If found guilty of all charges against her Ms. Russell could face fines of $3390 and possibly 1 year and 8 months jail time.

At what point do Law Enforcement act against such individuals? Why has Ms. Russell not faced jail time for her actions already? Why has she been allowed to keep the vehicle? All these questions do not simply pertain to Ms. Russell, but to all individuals who do the same.

The cost of such individuals to the state tax payers goes into the thousands of dollars for tax payers in insurance hikes.

Auto insurance in the state go up when these individuals continue to ignore the laws, forcing those who maintain their insurance and licenses to pay increases in their insurance. On average, car insurance rates for drivers in South Carolina are $311 per month, and $3732 per year. The average rates make South Carolina the 9th most expensive state in the country for car insurance rates and 28% more expensive then the national average, (According to

If individuals such as Ms. Russell would be held fully accountable then the rates honest drivers have to pay would drop and state tax payers would save.

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