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Interview with Author Elona McRae on Parental Alienation

Author Elona McRae

Elona McRae an Australian Author took her life long struggle with abuse and parental alienation and turned it into a book to help others. Her innocents stripped away leaving a shell of a child until she found the strength to rise above it all and become her own valuable person.

In her book she chronicles the events that took place in her young life from the abuse she underwent by her parents, to the rise of her spirit to overcome it all. McRae has now become an advocate for the awareness of Parental Alienation and what it does to children.

In this 30 minute interview we speak with her about some of the effect this had on her as a child and as an adult, and why she wrote the heartbreaking book, that chronicles the life of a little girl.

Elona McRae | Author Writer Blogger Parental Alienation Awareness Campaigner

Her book “A Puppets Tale” can be found on Amazon here. (Price mentioned at time of interview has changed.)

Ms. McRae can be contacted on her Blogger page listed here.

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