Former SC 5th Circuit Solicitor Dan Johnson is Disbarred

As reported by the Post and Courier yesterday, former 5th Circuit Solicitor was disbarred by the S.C. Supreme Court on July 7th, 2021. This is just the latest in Dan Johnson’s punishments for his actions of fraud while a 5th Circuit Solicitor. Johnson spent a year in federal prison outside Raleigh, North Carolina for his actions.

After his release in May of 2020, Johnson attempted to secure a pension for his time as a 5th Circuit Solicitor that is provided through a taxpayer funded pension program for state solicitors.

Lisa Catalanotto, who is the head of the S.C. Commission on Prosecution has stated that Mr. Johnson will not be receiving his pension.

Nicole Holland

The embezzlement charges against Dan Johnson and Nicole Holland alleged that between March 1, 2017 through May 1, 2017, the two embezzled public funds by paying for personal expenditures with their office-provided Bank of America Credit Card. The two did this while being responsible for the safekeeping, transfer and disbursement of public funds.

The expenditures included vacations, romantic liaisons, medical bills, and other expenditures.

Johnson is still facing pending charges of three counts of misconduct in office and embezzlement, which could return Johnson back to prison.

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