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Dr. Petra Deeter on Parental Alienation: Mental Child Abuse Not Recognized

Dr. Petra Deeter, an Indie Film Producer and the creator of Victim to Hero speaks on the issue of Parental Alienation. Dr. Deeter has been heard on many Podcast’s as she explains why Parental Alienation is such a large issue and why this behavior needs to be listed as Mental Child Abuse.

Dr. Deeter is currently working on an Independant film on the current subject interviewing over 700 people around the world who have been affected by Parental Alienation.

Dr. Deeter states that more education needs to go into the Judicial System for Judges to truly understand what Parental Alienation is and how to prevent it from occuring. Dr. Deeter also agrees, with many other professionals, that Parental Alienation is Child Abuse! Perhaps one of the more horrific forms of it as it is an attack on the child’s mental health, which stays with them their entire life.

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