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A little extra effort can go a long way. Patrol Deputies Bill Hall and Benjamin Bennett on Friday morning responded to a burglary on Wadmalaw Island. An intruder had broken through a door and stolen a flat-screen TV and $1 from the wallet of the resident, a retired man in his 70s. No one was injured, and deputies are investigating the incident.

Hall and Bennett recognized that the man was of modest means. The door was unsalvageable, and the TV meant a lot to the victim, who had a collection of DVD movies. The deputies visited the Sea Island Habitat for Humanity ReStore on Maybank Highway, where managers graciously donated a steel door and hinges, and even threw in a 36-inch TV.

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One more problem awaited them: The door was too tall. But the community stepped up again. The deputies stopped by a construction site, where Mimms Contracting workers sawed the door to a proper height. Patrol supervisor Sgt. Michael Holt then brought some tools for the deputies to install the door.

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The outcome brought a smile to the victim’s face. A collaborative community effort and dedication to #ServingBeyondTheCall made the resident’s day a little safer and a little brighter.

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