As most main stream media’s such as CNN and other large News Agencies called the Presidential race prior to the final counts, for Biden. It is amazing how these agencies have shown their political bias by not reporting uncensored news, when it came to the 2020 Presidential Race.

It is still possible that Biden will not become President as President Donald Trump still has many legal recourses at his disposal due to the many claims of violations that occurred during this election.

One of the biggest claims concerns the state of Wisconsin where it is being stated more votes were cast than it had registered voters. Well, that depends on what list you want to look at. Voters can register the day before and not be on the list the day of the election, in Wisconsin, but still be able to vote.

The biggest concern and allegations concern the thousands and thousands of Mail In Ballots. Allegations range from ballots not being counted to being counted multiple times, mail in ballots being dumped in the thrash and many more such allegations. There are factual reports of such instances in many states.

 Absentee Data File, Wisconsin Elections Commission
NOTE: Ballots rejected for missing a deadline were mostly due to being postmarked after election day. Other reasons ballots were rejected include a damaged or resealed envelope or the voter including multiple ballots in the same certification envelope.

*This chart excludes rejected ballots due to procedural reasons that don’t result in an uncounted vote, such as an initial ballot being rejected after the voter returns a subsequent ballot sent to them by officials that includes all races. It also excludes the small number of ballots rejected because a voter died or was ineligible to vote.

What a person must remember is that all the legal action being taken is in individual States. Presidential elections are not one large election but several small elections. The U.S. has no organization overseeing this type of election as a single item. Each State is responsible for its own presidential election.

This means that each legal argument must be played out in those States. Example, Wisconsin having more votes than registered voters will be argued in the state of Wisconsin.

The main question now is how much will the media play in these outcomes, as news entities have shown a bias in reports during this election and will they continue to do so? Will media influence legal decisions made during these suits? Or will the people’s voices truly be heard amongst all the turmoil to come?

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