Interview with Dr. Mark Roseman on Shared Parenting

We were honored to interview Dr. Mark Roseman on Thursday on the subject of Shared Parenting.

Dr. Roseman is an expert in high conflict and child custody. He has worked in the co-parenting field since 1999 when he served as Assistant Director for Child Access Services with the Children’s Rights Council (CRC) in Washington, DC. He worked closely with Attorney David L. Levy, co-founder of the CRC to help bring joint custody to nearly 30 states. Today, Dr. Roseman is the CEO of the Toby Center for Family Transitions which he founded in 2010. Based in Delray Beach, Florida, the Toby Center has emerged as a major provider of supervised visitation services and reunification therapy in South and Central Florida. He served as a columnist with Knight Ridder Tribune Syndicate and a current contributor to the Huffington Post Online. A father of three, Dr. Roseman earned his doctorate in Family Studies from the Union Institute & University with a specialty in therapeutic interventions for high conflict divorce, and shared parenting issues accompanying parental separation and divorce.

Dr. Mark David Roseman

Child Custody Consultant and Researcher

Speaker on Family Change, Child and Parent Affection, Parental Alienation and Family Court Reform

Host, “Ask Dr. Mark” Thursdays, 8-9pm EST on a live podcast addressing parental alienation and co-parenting matters.

Author, Preserving Family Ties, An Authoritative Guide to Divorce and Child Custody (WestBow Press, 2018)

Available at Barnes and Noble and in print and ebook formats on

Free views available on Google Books.

The Toby Center website can be reached here.

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