Dirty Politics By Senator Luke Rankin

As the Daily Counter has been paying very close attention to one of the major runoff elections in South Carolina, which is Senator Luke Rankin and his opponent John Gallman, it has become very clear that Sen. Rankin is aware he will lose.

Sen. Luke Rankin
John Gallman

On election day Sen. Rankin received 41.37% of the voted and John Gallman received 33.81% of the votes.  This showed that Sen. Rankin is not as stable in his position as he believed himself to be.

John Gallman made several attempts to debate Sen. Rankin on issues concerning South Carolina and District 33, but Sen. Rankin refused several times.  John Gallman’s campaign revolved around solely the issues in South Carolina and Sen. Rankin’s record as a Senator.

But after the election results on the election day, Sen. Luke Rankin’s Campaign began to make allegations towards John Gallman’s family life.  Sen. Rankin’s camp began a smear campaign against Gallman by bringing up his Family Court case and allegations made in that case, where Gallman was cleared.

Family members and associates of Sen. Rankin have taken to Social Media slandering John Gallman with allegations in attempts to prevent Gallman from obtaining the few votes needed for John Gallman to win.

Sen. Rankin posted on his Facebook page requesting that John Gallman release his Mental Health Assessment from his Family Court case. https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fjonny.mccoy.1%2Fposts%2F10109143077436447&width=500

And then promptly took this post down after a backlash from Horry County Residents for the unethical act of doing this.  This was followed by a Press Conference held by Rankin, which was more of an attack on Gallman’s reputation, which prevented any further backlash from Horry County Residents.  Gallman maintained his composure and simply released a Press Release on this matter:


HORRY COUNTY, SC- John Gallman released the following statement in response to Sen. Luke Rankin’s press conference earlier today: “Luke Rankin will do anything in his power to distract voters from his terrible voting record. The allegations from my divorce have been brought before two magistrate court judges and were still thrown out. Separately, in my divorce settlement, the mother of my children, the Attorney Guardian Ad Litem, both of her attorneys and the judge agreed to grant me 50/50 custody of my children. Mr. Rankin was aware of this and he still is using these false accusations to prop himself up for political purposes only days before an important run-off election. Luke Rankin should explain to the people of Horry County why he is so offended by his own terrible voting record, instead of hosting an entire press conference with my ex-wife’s father.”

“It is amusing that Mr. Rankin would whine about out of district money when 81% of Mr. Rankin’s contributions come from outside the district. I have received no campaign donation from any Political Action Committees, unlike my opponent who received a maximum donation from Dominion Energy (2018) and several other special interest groups. These accusations are especially comical because Mr. Rankin hired teams of generationally corrupt political consultants, the Quinns. Mr. Rankin is becoming increasingly unstable in his allegations as we draw closer to the 23rd run-off date, as he is realizing the people of Horry County are ready to term-limit his career in politics.”

“Unlike Rankin, I will continue to fight for justice. For Justice for the unborn, justice for ratepayers and the employees of Santee Cooper, and justice for the gun owners of South Carolina. I have pledged not to bring up Luke Rankin’s messy divorce or rumors about his marital arrangements. I’ll be focusing on the issues.”

“Today Rep. Alan Clemmons (R-Horry County) said: “…In my world, those that tell lies cannot be trusted.” Mr. Rankin has repeatedly lied to the people of Horry County about his voting record and to protect his friends in the Columbia Swamp, this is just another lie. Thankfully the people of Horry County are smarter than this and they will see through the lies told by the political elite and term limit Mr. Rankin this Tuesday, June 23rd.”


If Senator Rankin was so confident in his campaign and record why take a post down where the people you represent voice their opinion on your actions?

Senator Rankin has cost himself a lot of votes with this dirty political campaign against his opponent and perhaps has shown his true colors as a Senator.  More and more supporters have come out in favor of John Gallman as Senator for District 33.

It has even been rumored that Sen. Rankin’s companions have created fake facebook accounts to defend him and spread these allegations in order to prevent any direct links to himself.

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