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Judge Rosalyn Frierson-Smith Punishes Poor Father & Forces Hearing Without Father’s Lawyer Present

Judge Rosalyn Frierson-Smith heard Mr. Clint Doran without his lawyer present and this man was jailed from July 22 to December 4 when he isn’t violent or a monster yet other judges have literally allowed pedophiles to walk free with probation and not jail time. According to our sources this judge has forced numerous people to continue cases without their lawyer present.

In South Carolina, there is a judge that is getting the reputation of violating the constitutional rights of litigants. This judge’s name is Rosalyn Frierson-Smith in Richland County.

Numerous litigants have come forward but one in particular has many in South Carolina wondering how this judge remains on the bench if the stories about the blatant disregard for the law are true.

Quoted from The Post & Courier:

“When the 45-year-old woke up dizzy and cold on the morning of the hearing and went to a hospital, there was nobody to represent him in court. Hagood Leaphart called court officials to let them know he couldn’t make it and said a clerk told her a continuance would be issued. Meanwhile, a doctor ordered Doran to undergo testing for possible blood cancer.”

To properly understand how this judge may have broken the law we must first introduce one of the litigants whose name is Clint Eugene Doran.

Clint Doran & his children

Mr. Doran is a father in South Carolina who was jailed for failure to pay child support, his ex-wife’s attorney fees, court costs, and other expenses. Doran claims that he was simply too poor to pay. The facts about Mr. Doran are clear to see. He is telling the truth.

He was locked up July 22, 2019 and wasn’t released until December 4, 2019. This man spent more than 5 months behind bars and we know that some judges, like Letitia Verdin, gave a child predator probation and not jail time. If a person who wanted to have sex with an undercover officer posing as a 14-year-old girl can get probation then surely Clint Doran didn’t deserve jail time at all.

Since Mr. Doran has two children to pay child support for he doesn’t have a lot of money to himself. He married his ex-wife who was an immigrant from Ukraine. A relatively short time into the marriage she decided that things weren’t working out. Some could say that this is clear evidence that this person just wanted a green card, use a man for his money, get kids so they can never be deported given their children are American born citizens and use his children as weapons to drain him of all of his money.

Clint Doran went from having a pretty good job to being so poor that he could barely afford to keep up with the court’s demands for money.

Our own reporter, Dion McNeil, actually knows Mr. Doran personally and can attest to the fact that Mr. Doran has lived with his mother. If someone is living with their mother when they are over the age of 40 and this happened shortly after he got cleaned out in the divorce case then it does lend credibility to the claim.

So, how did Judge Frierson-Smith respond to a man who is clearly poor and couldn’t afford additional fees, court costs and attorney fees for his wife? She issued an arrest warrant for him. Instead of working with Clint Doran to see if he can come up with the money that he clearly didn’t have at the moment this judge decided to jail Clint Doran.

Mr. Doran was in the Kershaw County Detention Center where our own reporter, Dion McNeil, tried to visit him but Mr. Doran’s visitations were limited.

Mr. McNeil also recalls an incident with a correctional officer that Mr. Doran refers to as “Cato.” Mr. McNeil inquired about why Mr. Doran wasn’t at least given work release if the goal is to make him pay money. That correctional officer, according to our reporter, gave both verbal and physical cues that he couldn’t care less about the welfare of Clint Doran.

When this correctional officer claimed that he actually had a good relationship with Mr. Doran that was when our reporter knew something was wrong because Mr. Doran always expressed that “Cato” was a “real piece of work.” He also says that “Cato avoided me like the plague.” Mr. McNeil, being a former correctional officer himself, took “Cato” to task for multiple lies and claims about his good relationship with Mr. Doran.

Kathyrn Free.
Obtained from Myrtle Beach News

It is also claimed by the court and by the opposing counsel, attorney Kathyrn Free, that Mr. Doran had violated court-ordered restraining orders. The part that Ms. Free and Judge Frierson-Smith aren’t telling you is that the only reason why Mr. Doran did so was because he was being alienated from his kids. He says he didn’t want to hurt his ex-wife but he just wanted to see his kids.

We tried to reach out to Kathyrn Free via her office number back in October but we have yet to receive a callback, email or any sort of correspondence.

How can we prove that? Simple. Have a look at Clint Doran’s own YouTube channel. All anyone will find there are videos of his kids. The videos, if one were to watch them and realize Clint has been alienated, can be heart-breaking. Mr. Doran was painted as a monster when the truth is he is just a father who wanted to see his kids.

Mr. Doran says that he still loves his ex-wife and doesn’t have any hatred towards her at all. He also says that he isn’t angry at her like people would expect for him to be and that they made a family together. At this point, all he appears to want is equal access to his children and Clint Doran confirmed that to us as well.

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  1. Judge Rosalyn F. Smith right now has ordered Tony Fields to pay alimony procured by his ex wife using fraudulent checks to decrease her income. Tony Fields is retired and had already paid Minnie Fields half of his 401k and now two judge Smith wants him to use his retirement funds to continue paying her! Worst judge Gue Jones allowed her to iled fake checks and amounts of income! Judge Smith and Jones are committing the same crimes allowing perjury by Minnie Fields! They both need to be disbarred for abuse of discretion and bias!

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