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On February 5th, 2020 South Carolina held its Judiciary Election of its Judges. 4 State Lawmakers walk out in protest to the Unconstitutional practice done at the election.  State Reps. Jonathon Hill, R-Anderson; Josiah Magnuson, R-Spartanburg; Stewart Jones, R-Laurens; and Adam Morgan, R-Greenville, denounced the Legislature’s long-held practice of electing judges by simple voice votes that don’t record the stance of individual lawmakers.

Johnathan Hill
Stewart Jones
Adam Morgan
Josiah Magnuson

These Lawmakers stated in a Facebook Live post that they would not participate in these secret unethical practices conducted by their colleagues of electing Judges by mere voice votes.  State Representative Jonathon Hill stated that the State Constitution required that a roll call vote is required for these elections.

Last year during these Elections the entire Black Caucus walked out in protest during these elections.  So the question arises are these individuals actually Judges if the requirements were not met by State Lawmakers during these elections?

Several News Media outlets have been investigating South Carolina State Legislators when it comes to these elections for a few years now.  It would seem that the General Assembly of South Carolina would prefer to keep its constituent’s in the dark on several matters of their practices and proposed bills.

One of these elected Judges is even the Husband of a State Law Maker; Bill Funderburk the husband of Seat 52 State Representative Laurie Funderburk was elected by voice vote to become an Administrative Law Judge in Columbia, South Carolina.  This raises questions of ethics in many opinions and questions of conflict of interest.  But the People of South Carolina will never get these questions answered due to the practices of the General Assembly in these matters.

South Carolina has long been considered one of the most corrupt States in existence.  It seems this stigma will not disappear soon.  Perhaps it is time for the people of South Carolina to demand answers from their ELECTED OFFICIALS in these matters.

You can even see one Legislator wording the mouth to another for them to sit down in a threatening manner during the election.

To see the entire elections watch here:  You will even notice that they turn the microphones off for the Legislators not to hear their discussions.

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